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BTC/USD 8426.73 BTC/NGN 3,101,036.64
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Exchangeindeed - Buy & Sell Perfect Money ₦ 365 ₦340
Exchangeindeed Web Money ₦450 ₦0
Exchangeindeed Bitcoin ₦368 ₦345
Exchangeindeed Neteller ₦450 ₦0

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  • $100 Perfect Money bought [25/Jan/2020 ]

    $11 Perfect Money bought [25/Jan/2020 ]

    $16 Perfect Money bought [25/Jan/2020 ]

    $21 Perfect Money bought [25/Jan/2020 ]

    $20 Perfect Money bought [25/Jan/2020 ]

  • $20 Perfect Money sold [25/Jan/2020]

    0.00120180 BTC Bitcoin sold [25/Jan/2020]

    0.00120330 BTC Bitcoin sold [25/Jan/2020]

    0.00591 BTC Bitcoin sold [25/Jan/2020]

    0.0059 BTC Bitcoin sold [25/Jan/2020]

  • $120 Perfect Money sold [24/Jan/2020 ]

    0.07079997 BTC Bitcoin sold [24/Jan/2020 ]

    0.07079404 BTC Bitcoin sold [24/Jan/2020 ]

    $17 Perfect Money sold [24/Jan/2020 ]

    37.28 BTC Bitcoin sold [24/Jan/2020 ]

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Exchangeindeed Nigeria - Scam Alert SCAM ALERT

If anyone asks you to pay money into our account for any purpose such as job, visa, promo, etc; please DO NOT! We ONLY sell and buy e-currencies and nothing more. we nor any reliable site will not send you an email with a link for you to restore any of your personal account details. Always contact the entity or organization before taking any offer even if you must, else just ignore or delete such email. Thanks

Why Buy & Sell Bitcoin and E-Currency from ExchangeIndeed Nigeria?

ExchangeIndeed has been in the cryptocurrency and e-currency business for over ten years. We are one of the most reliable e-currency exchangers in Nigeria. We provide a reliable platform to buy and sell Bitcoin, Perfect Money, WebMoney, Neteller and other e-currency in Nigeria easily and at a good rate.

Most reliable, fastest and cheapest E-currency Exchanger in Nigeria

At ExchangeIndeed, we are the most reliable, fastest and cheapest e-currency exchanger since 2009 (buy/sell perfectmoney, webmoney, Egopay, bitcoin, okaypay, payza in nigeria). We are a perfect money exchanger of repute and we pride ourselves to instantly fund perfect money account for both small and large orders efficiently. We do not delay, we fund your perfect money accounts instantly.

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  • Customer Testimonials

"I never knew somebody like you still exist.I got funded sharply thanks "
James (From Imo State)
"I have not tried it yet. But I have gotten good reviews so far"
David (From Lagos, Lagos State)
"Truly the best of all"
"Very reliable"
Charles (From Amuwo , Lagos State)
"You guys are real and 100% legit, I got my pm in all transaction done"
Michael (From Lagos State)
How to buy E -currency from us

  1. Click the BUY E-currency or Quick buy button below.
  2. Complete the form and click submit.
  3. Review your order and proceed to selection of bank choice(bank type would you like to pay into)
  4. Methods of transfering payment to us online bank transfer (NAIRA), cash bank deposit, mobile transfer and gtbank*737*
  5. NOTE *We do not allow payment from third party and the money must carry your first name and surmane used to registered on our website
  6. After payment, Login to your dashboard with your email address and password, Click the Send Payment Alert button on the order you paid for.
  7. Complete the Payment alert form and your e-currency account will be funded in minutes after payment confirmation.
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How to Sell E-currency to us

  1. Click the SELLING e-currency to us button below or above
  2. Complete the form and click submit.
  3. Review your order and proceed to transfer e -currency TO our e-currency account (automatic via our website or manual).
  4. If you selected manual funding:- After sending e-currency our account, Login to your dashboard with your email address and password
  5. Click e-currency transfer Notice button on the sell order you placed.
  6. Complete the e-currency transfer Notice form
  7. Your bank account will be credited in minutes after fund confirmation.
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The dollar sales have been targeted at retail invisibles for PTA, BTA, school fees and medicals, wholesale forwards, SMEs, and Secondary Market Intervention Sales (SMIS). targeted at retail invisibles school fees and medicals.


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